Q1: I can’t start up A60 when the car is started.

A:   Make sure the car charger LED is lighted up and the Micro USB connector is properly

      connected to A60’s power port.。



Q2: A60 powers on/off itself when driving.

A:   If the car charger’s LED is not lighted up, please check car charger is properly connected

      to car’s cigarette power jack.。



Q3: A60 won’t power off when the car is shut down.

A:   Check if the car charger LED is lighted, some cars continues power supply when the engine

       is shut down, please:

      1) Remove the car charger before leaving the car to avoid power consumption.

      2) Add an auto shutdown cigarette power set to your car, please contact your car maintenance service.



Q4: I have other devices need to use the car cigarette power, one is not enough.

A:   Please use an one-to-multiple cigarette power expansion set, and make sure the set is compliant to

       your local safety regulation and its power rate is enough for all devices’ working.



Q5: The video images vibrate when played on PC.

A:    The vibrations are caused during the driving, please fix the Camcorder’s holder to the windshield

       tightly or contact your car maintenance service.



Q6: The videos are fuzzy.

A:   1) Make sure if the windshield and lens are clear, stain or finger print will affect the video quality.

       2) If A60 is placed at a too high position, the video might be blurred that caused by the reflections

           on windshield, please adjust it to a proper position.


Q7: When playing A60 videos on PC, there are some pauses.

A:   Please do the following:

      1) PC requirement: CPU 2.0GHz、Memory 1GB

      2) Close the resident programs in PC。

      3) Copy the video files to PC to play

      4) Use other video play software



Q8: What kind of SD card should I use? And how long can it record?

A:A60 supports up to 32GB SD card, Class 10 is recommended; as for recording time, please refer to

      below chart












Q9: Why the video files’ name are different?















Q10: Can “Hit & Record” and “Motion Detection” be activated at the same time?

A:No, you can activate either of the 2 functions at the same time. Hit & Record: Make sure the battery

      power is enough to activate this function. Motion Detection: Auto deactivates when the battery power

      is running low. When the battery power is low, please recharge with 5V1A power for 4 hours.








* Do not operate when driving.

* 8GB Class 10 Micro SD card is recommended.

* Format SD Card regularly to ensure the SD card works properly once a month.

* Do not take the SD Card when A60 is recording that may lead to data or SD card damages.

* Do not press or hit the main unit and LCD.

* Keep your hands dry when using.

* Do not use A60 in humid environment or near water.

* Do not use chemical or cleanser to clean A60.

* Remove car charger to avoid power consumption when A60 is unused.

* Use only enclosed DC 5V car charger.

* If you need your A60 to be repaired, please contact the vendor you purchased it from,

  do not try to do it by yourself.

* When the SD card status shows the icon “      ”  or beeps three times, it means

  your SD card is damaged, please change a new one.