Installing Guide


Insert Micro SD Card

● Insert the Micro SD Card to the slot

※ Before insert the SD Card, please ensure

      the direction is correct, otherwise

      the SD Card & card slot may be damaged.

※ If the SD Card can not be read, please

      insert again or change a new SD Card.

※ A50 supports up to 32G SD Card.

Date / Time Setting

● Press the Menu button twice

    to enter the setting;

    press "▼"  to "Clock Settings"

    and press "OK"


    to setup date: "YYYY/MM/DD",

    and time:" HH:MM:SS"


Holder Installation

● Please clean the windshield with a dry

   and soft cloth, make sure the windshield

   is clear.

● Press the Suction Disc onto the

   windshield and push the latch forward

   to fix the Holder.


Main Unit Installation

● Fix A50 Main Unit to the Holder with the

    screw hole on the top, then rotate the

    Screw Knob to fix it tightly.

●  Release the Adjustable Knob and

    adjust a proper shot angle you prefer

    and rotate it to fix it tightly.

Power Connection

● Connect car charger's Mirco USB

    connector to A50's Micro USB port.






● Connect car charger to car cigarette

    power jack.


※ Use only enclosed 5V car charger.


●  Please refer to the illustration

     for cable installation in car