Q1: When I use the walky-talky, there are echoes heard, why?

A1: The echoes occur when you use the smartphone and the Linx Cam

      in the same room, please do not use the walky-talky in such situation.

Q2: Why the monitor videos shown on Smartphone do no sync with Linx Cam?

A2: The latency is due to variety of internet speed or Smartphone's CPU power.

Q3: I can't review the events nor record the videos, why?

A3: Please insert the Micro SD Memory Card in the Linx Cam to enable the


Q4: I forget my password.

A4: Press on the RESET button (AP Mode) on the bottom of Linx Cam for 3 seconds,

      in next 1 minute, you will hear 3 beeps and a long beep, then the Red LED

      starts to flash that means the installation is completed.

Q5: Why the events recorded in the "Event" disappeared?

A5: (1) The memory will be removed when the power is reset, so the recorded

            events will be removed.

      (2) There are maximum 50 events can be recorded, when the 51st event is

           record, the 1st event will be replaced and so on.

Q6: What is "Sound Alarm"?

A6: A Micro SD Memory Card is needed to enable this function which allows you to

      record your sound/voice to be a Sound Alarm, when Linx Cam detects a sound

      that volume value is over the preset value limitation, the Sound Alarm will be

      played. The preset volume limitation list is as below: