Q: Why my Driving Camcorder does not start recording automatically after the

    car is started?

A: (1) Make sure your Driving Camcorder is turned on after engine ignition.

    (2) If your Driving Camcorder is turned on, try removing and re-inserting your

         memory card once.

    (3) If your Driving Camcorder is not turned on (the red indicator lights), make

         sure the car charger’s lighter connector is fully inserted in the cigarette


    (4) If the charger is properly connected the green indicator will light up.

    (5) Make sure the charger’s power connector is connected with the Driving

         Camcorder’s USB power input.



Q: The Driving Camcorder cannot start recording (photographing) or turn on or off.

A: (1) Try pressing and holding the power On / Off key for three seconds.

    (2) If problem remains, use a paperclip to press the Reset button and press the

         On/Off key again to use your product properly.

    (3) Please check battery capacity of your Driving Camcorder. Charge it if battery

         power is low.

    (4) Please make sure both ends of the car charger are fully inserted in correct


    (5) Please make sure there is enough free space left in the memory card.



Q: The Driving Camcorder stops recording unexpectedly and resumes after a while.

A: (1) It is due to the “Motion Detect” function starts/pauses your recorder.

    (2) Turn this function off.



Q: Slight vibration is observed when playing back recorded files.

A: (1) Your car may vibrate during idling and driving. The vibration amplitude

         varies with engine and shock absorbers. In certain cases, the Driving

         Camcorder may vibrate in sync with your car.

    (2) Tighten each screws of your Driving Camcorder. Consult your car supplier

         if the vibration is overly noticeable.



Q: When playing recorded files with computer, there are noticeable halts observed.

A: (1) Make sure your computer is powerful enough for the playback. The

         recommended computer configuration is CPU 2.0GHz with more than 1GB


    (2) Try stop running some of your resident programs.

    (3) Please use memory card of level C6 or higher.

    (4) Try copying your recorded files to the computer before playing them.



Q: Fuzzy images can be found in recorded files after proper installation of

    Driving Camcorder.

A: (1) Make sure the windshield is clear. Dirty or greasy window glass will lead to

         images of poor quality.

    (2) Make sure that the Driving Camcorder’s lens is free of fingerprints,

         splotches and dusts.

    (3) Improper installation location may lead to fuzzy images caused by too large

         bevel within the windshield.



Q: Daytime recording is clear but the night recording shows coarser images.

A: This is normal. To compensate for poor light source at night for clearer images,

    the overall light input points are enlarged. This leads to greater graininess.



Q: What is motion detect used for?

A: (1) When motion detect function is turned ON, the Driving Camcorder will

         switch from recording mode to standby mode if the car is motionless and

         there is no motion in front of your car. This can save memory card storage


    (2) It is recommended to leave this function in off mode, as certain delay time

         is required to switch back to recording mode and events occurred during

         the delay time may be missed from recording.



Q: How can I use the motion detection function?

A: (1) Open the motion detection menu, turn on this function, and exit the menu.

    (2) Disconnect the external power supply (Powered via the embedded battery


    (3) Restart your Driving Camcorder and the recording function will be activated

         automatically when any motion in front of your car is detected.

    (4) Recording will be stopped in 10 sec if no motion in front of your car is




Q: Can recording continue after the memory card is full?

A: (1) There are four options available for loop recording: 1, 3, 5, and 10 minutes.

    (2) The default setup is 5 minutes. When there is insufficient memory space left

         to save the recording file, the oldest one is purged to give space for the

         current one.

    (3) You don’t need to worry about memory space insufficiency.

         This won’t happen.



Q: The memory card is set to the highest speed and a “speed too slow” message

    still appears.

A: (1) Meanings of “High Speed” vary among the memory card’s  suppliers, as

         memory write and read speed changes with card formatting.

    (2) If the problem remains after the card is formatted with your Driving

         Camcorder, please format your micro SD card with a computer in “normal

         mode” instead of “fast format mode”.



Q: The included memory card cannot be used.

A: (1) Please format the included memory card with a computer.

    (2) If recording still fails, please return the card to the original supplier

         for inspection.



Q: How can I retrieve recording files from my Driving Camcorder to a computer?

A: (1) Remove the memory card from the Driving Camcorder and insert it in your

         computer’s card reader. (The drive code of your reader varies.)

    (2) Insert the included USB cable in the USB ports of your Driving Camcorder

         (USB slot) and computer (USB slot) respectively. You can start accessing data

         in the card when the Driving Camcorder prompts with message “Computer


    ** Please do not remove the Driving Camcorder from the windshield as the

        plastic sucking disc may attract dirt and dust that leads to poor connection

        to the glass.



Q:  What do the light indicators stand for?

A:  Please refer to Column N on Page 19 of this guide.



Q:  How can I connect multiple devices e.g. navigator, Driving Camcorder and

     mobile phone to the cigarette lighter?

A:  Please connect them through an optional one-to-many lighter extension.


Q:  How can I attach the holder to the windshield glass?

A:  (1) Clean the windshield where the Driving Camcorder is to be attached.

     (2) Adjust your Driving Camcorder ‘s recording angle and fix it properly.

     (3) Please do not remove the Driving Camcorder from the windshield as the

          sucking disc may attract dirt and dust and lead to poor connection to the


     (4) If the plastic sucker does not connect to the glass firmly, rinse it with

          water and detergent. Then try to connect with the windshield again after

          it is fully dried. (Please refer to Page 6 of this Guide.)