Installing Guide


Step 1:

Screw the top screw on the holder to Car

Camcorder’s screw hole on its upper side.


Turn knob1 clockwise to attach it to the screw hole on the

top of your Car Camcorder.

(Facing the Car Camcorder, turn knob1 clockwise.)

Step 2:

Move your Car Camcorder to a proper location, press the plastic sucker on the preferred position on the windshield, then push out the latch to fix your Car Camcorder on the windshield.


1. Clean the windshield where the Car Camcorder is to be attached

    with soft, clean cloth.

2. Ensure that there is no dirt and debris in the sucking disc by cleaning

    it with soft cloth if necessary.

3. Attach the sucking disc to the windshield and push the latch out side

    to fix it firmly at the location you prefer to attach it.


In most cases, you can attach your Car Camcorder at center or rightward position behind the rearview mirror. You can choose other location as long as it does not hinder safe driving.

Step 3:

Release knob2 slightly, fine tune the shooting angle of your Car Camcorder to find a best angle of recording, and then turn knob2 clockwise to fix it.


1. Turn on your Car Camcorder without connecting the car charger, let the Car Camcorder stay in standby mode.

2. Refer to the picture showed in the display, adjust the holder’s global joint to get a best shooting angle.

Recommended shooting Angle:

1. Bottom of the display must cover both ends of your car’s front.

2. Center of the display must align with the one of your car.

Turn knob2 clockwise to lock it after above adjustments are done successfully.

Step 4:

Insert one end of the cable of car charger to your Car Camcorder’s USB power input and the other to the cigarette lighter.

(Hide the cables in your car if possible)


1. Insert the DC jack of your car charger to the DC input of your

    Car Camcorder.

2. Loop the car charger cable around the connection rod of your

    rearview mirror or the holder.

3. After 1 and 2, fix and hide the car charger cable in the car interior,

    for example, the seams along the door frame, or under the carpet.

    (You can use a coin or a card to fix the cable in the seams in the car


4. Insert the charger’s lighter connector into the

    cigarette lighter; the installation is completed.

Cabling of your car camcorder

*** Disconnection between car charger and cigarette lighter tends to

      occur due to different cigarette lighter positions among different car

      models and the vibration of the car during driving. This disconnection

      may lead to abnormal power On/Off switching.


*** How to cope with it::

      (1) Push the two grounding plates at the car charger’s connector

           outward slightly, this can help to firm the connection.

      (2) Use Velcro strips to fix the car charger on the cigarette lighter.


*** In case of a cigarette lighter extension set is used to supply power

      for multiple devices, please ensure it has sufficient power and enough

      consumption for multiple devices connected to it.


*** Otherwise, it may lead to malfunctions for devices connected to it

      e.g. Car Camcorder, navigators, and mobile phone.


*** To solve such problem, connect the Car Camcorder directly to the

      cigarette lighter or replace the extension set with one w higher

      amp value.